Singapore and Frankfurt – lost passport, 160 miles cab ride and the sales!

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Singapore and Frankfurt – lost passport, 160 miles cab ride and the sales!

As some of you may be aware I’m now in Germany for a little holiday and then to Denmark for my first international arts residency.  It’s the sort of ‘holiday’ my family and friends are slightly envious of as they see me jet set (yet again!) to another exciting destination.

I left Australia 28 December 2012 and arrived at Frankfurt Airport on Saturday at 6:10am feeling a little flustered after losing my passport in Singapore. I went to buy perfume at the duty free shop and couldn’t find my passport…I panicked…checked bags in and out and went straight to the info desk.  I explained I must have left it on the plane.  She smiled and said Mrs Masters!  I said yes and how did you know? She replied “we have been paging you for a while. It is a loud speaker system”.  I apologised and said I was still tired from the trip and very embarrassed at my mishap of leaving the passport on the plane (it slid out during the landing but I didn’t see it).  Little did she know I was busy trying on perfume to buy and totally zoned out to anything beyond which fragrance to choose!

Anyway, I’m now in Frankfurt after hair-raising 160 miles cabs ride along the autobahn and a full day exploring the city on foot.  I think I covered 50kms (felt more like 100kms) in total as I pounded the walking paths, pavements, cobbled streets and shop floors. It wasn’t till I got home @ 6pm and took my shoes off I realized I had bloodied feet, torn my brand new stockings all in the sake of being a tourist.  But it was worth it all as I was so lucky to have sunny weather the whole day and later found out it had been raining all week – hence the crowds.  Actually, I discovered the reason why there were so many people out and about was the sales.  Yes, end of year/post Christmas sales and everyone was on the hunt.  I tried in vain to look for a proper winter jacket in the popular shopping strip – Ziel.

My cute duffle coat won’t cut below 1 degree and do you think I ended up finding one?  I was confused with all the brands and so many look like skiing jackets and moi does not slide anywhere, as she’s not a fan of the slopes. While I saw a lot of American brands I really wanted to buy a German jacket designed especially for their winters.  I had no luck finding someone to help as sales assistants were run off their feet and I think I had tourist written all over my face as they avoided me.  Generally speaking, most people were helpful but English was limited.  A shame. Well onwards and upwards as I head to the flashier end of town – Goethstraße.

This is where all the luxury fashion and jewellery houses are and I came across a second hand shop (these are very popular in Germany).  The ladies were fantastic as they chatted to me about Australia, shopping and helping me find a jacket.  While they had beautiful weekend wear jackets they were not practical for day-to-day wear.  As I headed to another part of town it started to get cold and I put on my hat, scarf and gloves. Quelle horreur – a glove is missing!  I panic and retrace my 1000 steps all the way back to every shop I’ve visited.  I’m a crazed woman as I have lost my favourite leather glove.  No such luck and I head off to the next district, which is more art/design/craft, focused.  I exit the train station and am totally lost as the street signs and map are confusing.  I ask for directions and find that the street I want is split in two – go figure!! It’s getting dark and finally I find the shops I really wanted to look at.  I zip in and out, trying on cute skirts, looking at designer items and eventually find the shop I was after.  Although it’s a fashion shop and I explain to the man the shop I want.  I show him my trusty book and he says “Yes, my friend owned that, she got pregnant, and offered me the space so I now have it”.  Anyway, I decide to check it out and to my amusement he and this lady want to read my little Wallpaper guide, ask me all sorts of questions and offer me a glass of champagne once they hear how far I’ve walked.  I spy a top, try it on and discover he is the designer.  Instantly, I purchase the top as its my one and only purchase (a shocker as I had been shopping for 6hrs!).  TIP:  don’t focus on purchasing one item like I did….I was fixated with trying to buy a jacket and missed out on so many other nicer things to buy).

On Sunday I had a srumptious breakfast in the Wintergarden with its twinkling candles, ornate candelabra and his and her matching joggers running past outside next to the Main river.

I plan to catch a train from Frankfurt to Freiburg to meet my friends Marion and Nicole as they whisk me off to the black forest (Schwarzwald) to celebrate New Years Eve with 8 grown ups and 6 children on a farm with cute family apartments. The Bauernhof is located in Emmendingen (near Freiburg) in the very south of Germany – the site is written in German but if you check it out the photographs you can see how quaint the setting is

Well, auf Wiedersehen (bid farewell) and please watch this blog as I continue to post about my adventures in Germany and Denmark – the land of snow, fairy lights and gløgg (mulled wine). Oh! And Happy New Year to everyone!




  1. What a great story you provide us with as you find your way around the various areas. So sad to hear about your glove, it will be feeling very lost without its’ mate. The pictures are great, no wonder you enjoy travelling to these wonderful locations. How nice to be offered Champers by the store owner, despite all the sadness,lonely people,wars etc it is always a pleasure to find that the world IS still full of kind hearted people. Weather here is just the opposite. Very hot to-day with a drying-out wind blowing, not pleasant at all. We had a lovely time with Bronwyn and Emily. They are so well mannered and well behaved. Patty and Jim were very impressed with them. We started the New Year off by going to Mass and then we took the girls down to the Mall for morning-tea. Most places were shut but our favourite coffee shop was open and Dad managed to find a shop to buy the girls a milkshake. They came back and had lunch and then watched the 3D version of Pirates of the Caribbean with their 3D glasses on. They enjoyed it very much. Then we all played Restaurants!!The only way to go on New Years Day!!! It is now 4.11pm and David collected them about 3.30. A nice day. Miami is staying indoors as much as we are due to the heat. He has become very circumspect when approaching the back steps. A couple of times he turned around as if to say – I’m not going up them – but he is taking his time and managing rather well. Well life is much the same here, nowhere near as exciting as yours at the moment. Continue to enjoy, don’t get stressed, hang onto your new gloves when you get them and I am sure you will soon find just the coat you want. Take care. Much love from home. Mum and Dad.xxxx

  2. Great blog 🙂 keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the next instalment. Stop losing things !! Buy me some of those lederhosen will ya ? Size XXXL 🙂


    • Thanks! You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve now added to that list of losing things – a watch and iphone charger! Its just been one of those trips…

  3. Happy new year Anne! Glad you got your passport back but did you find your other glove? Great pics too btw, photography is definitely your thing. Hope you had a lovely New Years in the Black Forest (or thereabouts). Looking forward to reading more about what you’re up to. Safe travels xo

    • Happy NY to you and the fam…no didn’t find the glove but bought another pair as had no choice…way too cold not to have them. I’m still on the hunt for a jacket and will ask Mette what she recommends 🙂

  4. Hey-all sounds good, except the missing bits and pieces! Hope the New Year celebrations went well. We had a great time at D&K’s. Took Tucker, too! Ciao for now.

    • Yes, all good now that I’ve finally arrived at Guldagergaard after travelling non stop for 8hrs by plane/train/bus. On top of that I lost my watch and left my iphone charger at the first hotel in Frankfurt….ahhh! the joys of travelling!

  5. Hi Anne – what drama! What excitement! I have to say, reading your post about losing your passport, I broke out in a cold sweat of empathy. I have misplaced boarding passes (temporarily, thank goodness) and generally had all sorts of dramas as a traveller that I never have when I’m safe at home. I love travelling, but I get butterflies in my stomach just being near airports. I much prefer to travel with another person who can help me keep my head on straight (and my documents in order!)

    I hope the rest of your trip is completely drama-free! xxx

    • Trish, its been a drama a day since arriving. I keep waking up at 4am for some ungodly reason and lying in bed forcing myself to sleep. This morning I needed to go to the loo and as in a new place fell down the stairs….luckily it was only a small flight as had it been from the top – the whole of the residents would have known about it. So apart from a scabbed knee/foot and sore back…I think my ego has been bruised a tad 🙁 Anyway, I’m now firmly planted on the ground at the Ceramic Center. No more trains/planes/buses and losing watches/gloves/iphone cords and running to the right train carriage!! Heh! Heh!

  6. oh Anne! What a relief to hear your are now safely based in Denmark with your remaining possesions. I know you like to travel light but this is taking it too far….
    Thanks for the entertaining account of your visit to Germany. I admit to experiencing shopping envy as I read about your footsteps across town. It’s amazing how the challenge of a good spend can keep you warm!
    No news to report from here, except for the heat wave! Keep safe and enjoy your time there.

    • Hi Kerist, yes I just read on the news then about the heatwave…no television here so relying on the newspaper reports. That doesn’t sound pleasant and thank goodness your air conditioner now works. Hope Tom had a great time in India and was able to bring back a gift or 2? Am snuggled under the doona now and waiting for the sleep to hit me. I just did my first presentation to the group. I think it went okay…I had to put it together in 2hrs…so I may have gone OTT.

  7. Wow Annie, Das ist wonderbar! OTT, nah – rise and shine.

  8. Lovely to hear about your travels Anne, and yes, I am jealous! Have never been inspired to follow a blog before but i look forward to following your news here and think about a European winter, whilst we swelter back here in Canberra!

    • Hi Fran, what a lovely surprise and so good to hear from you. Yes, I’ve been telling everyone here about the heatwaves/fire in Hobart and they can’t believe how hot its been. We are the opposite – no snow and a mild winter. The days are lighter than I thought – as in 8am to 4pm its light and I was told it would only be 3hrs of daylight. Today its rainy weather and I’ve ordered my rain coat but it won’t be in till @ Wed/Thurs. So shall stay in the house/studio till then. Anyway, must head over and do some work (even though its Sunday) – there is a lot to do and 6 weeks will fly past quickly. Take care, Anne xx

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