Simplicity & repose – elements I strive for in my ceramic works

Creating by hand, surfaces which are tactile, pure and engaging.

About – ‘Take two’

DSCF2552Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m an Australian artist working in ceramics. Where do you live? We now live in the inner suburbs of Canberra.  My hubby and I no longer stand out like beacons…well they have dimmed…we now have manicured lawns but no prams or four-wheel drives. Instead we have Miami – a dog who still refuses to die* Post note 28 Oct 14: Unfortunately little Miami decided it was time to leave our little family. This posting reflects on his 16 (nearly 17) years of a good life. What are your inspirations for your works?  My latest exhibition work has been inspired by an event. In 2013, my hometown celebrated its centenary and it provided me an opportunity to think what Canberra meant to me and how could I represent it in my work. I’m very excited, as this work is a new form and pushes my boundaries on the application of decorative techniques. I’m also planning the next exhibition and it has a Danish retro inspiration with an Australian twist! Can you give us a hint? Think Flying Ducks – the ones from the 1950s, which graced a lot of Australian homes – meet Danish design.Why ceramics? I’ve always like pretty teacups, plates and all things nice.  I dragged my hubby @ European galleries and factories mid-2011 and by the end of it he was “porcelain out”. I used to paint on greenware many moons ago but a mortgage, working in the advertising game and partying led to the inevitable…putting my art practice on hold.   Nearly 17 years later I got the call “Honey, hand in your resignation…” summoned up the courage to go to Art School and now a legit emerging ceramic artist ready to practice**.

*Miami is seriously loved but was my ‘little man’ before hubby came along and Miami is determined to be top dog and outlive the ‘skinny man’.

**Apologies to Frankie Magazine but I love your interview style and couldn’t help myself with this ‘mock interview’.


Artist Statement

Anne Masters gained a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) from the University of Canberra in 1993.  She began painting on ceramics in Sydney in 1995.  From 1998, Anne worked in the Canberra arts scene where she ran her own casual arts-based business, assisted a private gallery in promoting visual arts practitioners and worked for local government in the arts.  In mid-2010, she returned to study to refine and develop her own artistic practice with reference to the ceramic artist Les Blakebrough as well as French art deco glassmaker René Lalique. In 2011, Anne spent time in Europe investigating traditional porcelain techniques. In 2012, Anne was awarded the Master of Visual Arts from the Australian National University School of Art.


Over a 6 week period in 2013, Anne completed her first international artist in residence at the International Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark. In 2014, Anne exhibited in her first group show since graduating from University at FORM Studio and Gallery in NSW, Australia. She recently participated in a group exhibition with fellow Claybodies members at Strathnairn Arts, Canberra, Australia. Prior to this she spent time setting up a new studio and purchasing her first electric kiln aptly named ‘Ruby’.

To see Anne’s credentials please click here for PDF: CV_Anne Masters_May 2016

To hear her please press play below for an interview on ABC 666 Radio which aired June 2014:

ceraMIX exhibition 14 Feb 14

Opening night!

Opening night!

It was a very exciting start to the year as I was part of a group exhibition which recently held a ceramics exhibition, ceraMIX, at FORM Studio and Gallery in Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia.

The following photos have been taken by my friend and professional photographer Mel Hill. She has captured the work beautifully as always. Thanks Mel!

Anne with Making our mark II


Making our mark II


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